• “Demanding new technical skills: automation and repairs” (students : 32, responsible : Ioannis Petalas) IVT, 2011-1-GR1-LEO-01-06468, Portugal (Lisbon) & Lithuania (Klaipeda)
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  • LdV-IVT “Automation technologies in agricultural production enterprises innovative crop-greenhouses” (students : 20, responsible : Erasmia Zaharoglou)IVT, 2012-1-GR1-LEO-01-09955, Italy (Rome)
  • LdV-IVT “Broadband applications in computer networks and automation” (students : 32, responsible : Eleftherios Nathanailidis) IVT 2008-1-GR-LEO-01-00005, Germany (Leipzig) & Portugal (Lisbon)
  • LdV-IVT “Development of web applications, ecommerce, internet use, where the voices of the peoples united” (students : 16, responsible : Eleftherios Nathanailidis) IVT, 2009-1-GR-LEO-01-01455, Cyprus (Limassol)
  • LdV-IVT “Screen and Paper for the Procedure of Cultural Tourism” (students : 20, responsible : Dimitris Bitzenis) IVT, 2012-1-GR1-LEO-01-09956, Spain (Granada) click here