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Our name is 2o Epaggelmatiko Lykeio Evosmou, in Greek: 2o Επαγγελματικό Λύκειο Ευόσμου, which means 2nd Vocational Lyceum of Evosmos (abbreviation 2nd EPAL Evosmou). 

Evosmos Εύοσμος is a Municipal Unit of the western side of Thessaloniki Θεσσαλονίκη

Welcome to our blog for European Programs. In this site you can find everything you need to know about us if you are a future partner, current partner or just interested in our work.

  • Foundation of school Δ4/81646/10-08-2006/ Υ.Α. ΥΠΕΠΘ (ΦΕΚ 144 τ.Β΄)
  • Business name : 2ο ΕΠΑΛ Ευόσμου (2o EPAL Evosmou)
  • Thessaloniki - Website : http://2epal-evosm.thess.sch.gr
  • Organisation Registration ID (OID): E10142377
  • PIC : 943863254
  • Erasmus accreditation ΚΑ1: 2020-1-EL01-KA120-VET-094780
  • European Innovative Teaching Award 2023
  • 475291(10373)/11-07-23 Region of Central Macedonia twinning with the French high school of Port-de-Bouc
2nd EPAL Evosmou
Tel: +302310707071, +302310757424

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